Manager's Message

Dear all,

St. Xavier High School, Rania, Haryana St. Xavier High School, Rania, Haryana

Spending nearly two decades with children, one wonders what draws a child to laughter and happiness and the answer is rather simple than we think- love, unconditional love, the way God sees us. God did not give us perfection, it gave us love.We at St Xavier’s make humble attempts to instill the value of universal love through Education, we encourage our teachers to create a loving environment so our children laugh and stay happy and grow up as devoted Servants to humanity. In changing times with parents spending less and less time with children and conflicting surroundings, our role to bring a compassionate environment has increased, and I strongly believe that a secure and loving environment makes every child excel not only academically but also makes him/her a happy loving person. So let us together make our school a strong foundation for all our students.

Manager, St. Xavier High School, Rania, Haryana
Rev. Fr. Alfredo Rodrigues