1. Promotion from one standard to another is made at the end of the School academic year, on the basis of the child’s performance in the whole year’s work. the aggregate of the whole year is taken into consideration for promotion as well as for grading. It also depends upon:

2. To be eligible for promotion, the child must secure at least D grade in the aggregate in each subject.

91 - 100 A1 10.0
81 - 90 A2 9.0
71 - 80 B1 8.0
61 - 70 B2 7.0
51 - 60 C1 6.0
41 - 50 C2 5.0
33 - 40 D 4.0
21 - 32 E1 -
00 - 20 E2 -

3. In case a pupil is absent in any examination, he/she will not be re-examined under any circumstances. In such cases, promotion of the deserving pupil will be decided on the strength of the examinations he/she has already appeared for the whole years’ performance.

4. Absence from one or more subjects involves loss of marks for the subject/s and excludes the pupils from being reckoned in order of merit in the examination and from a merit certificate.

5. The answer-script of the SA II will neither be shown to Students nor to Parents/ Guardians. however, in special cases, the Principal may merit to review the final exam answer-script on payment of Rs.100/- per subject in the School office along with the written application within three days of declaration of results. Subsequently, no such plea shall be entertained. The Parent/child shall not be associated in the process or review and the decision of the Principal in this matter is final and binding on all the parties. The Principal is competent to adopt any procedure he deems fit. In no case the answer-script will issued/shown to the applicants.