Leave & Absence

  • Pupils should not absent themselves without a sanctioned leave.
  • In case a pupil is absent for three or more days continuously the Principal must be informed immediately in writing. If the absence of a pupil continues beyond seven days, the Principal must be informed personally by the Parents or Guardians of the pupil, stating therein the reason of absence. If the absence is due to illness, a doctor’s certificate must also be produced by the pupil, on returning to School. The School accepts no responsibility if, through failure in producing such a certificate, the pupil is sent home during School hours. The name of those pupils absent without notice, or who, for unexplained reasons, remain absent from the School for more than seven days will be struck off from the School register, and may not be easily re-admitted.
  • No pupil who was previously absent from the School or is late for the morning session will be admitted to the class without the Principal’s permission.
  • Absence from School during test/examination will never be condoned except in case of illness, provided intimated the same day and will adversely affect the Student’s grade in the test/examination. Neither re-test nor re-examination will be conducted. No average will be given.
  • A Student returning to School after suffering from an infectious or contagious sickness, should produce a doctor’s certificate permitting him/her to rejoin classes, subject to conditions laid down below. Students suffering from the following sickness must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.

Chicken Pox: Six days after the disappearance of the first crop of vesicles

Measles: Seven days from rash

Mumps: until swelling of salivary gland has subsided which may take nine days from the appearance of symptoms

  • Students suffering from contagious illness will not be allowed in the School even on the examination days
  • No late comers or half day leaves are entertained. If for a serious reason a child is to be taken home, the Parents must apply for it in writing.