School Uniform

1. Students are required to report to School in the prescribed uniform. Parents are requested to go through the details of the uniforms as give below. Strict adherence to the following specification is expected from the pupils.

Summer Uniform

LKG & UKG Std. I - X Std. VI -X B Wed./Sat.
Red check shirt, red shorts/pinafore & red socks Off-white light camel coloured strips shirt, Dark brown shorts / skirt, Skin coloured socks Boys - long pants House-wise T-shirt, white shorts/skirts, white socks & shoes

Winter Uniform

LKG & UKG Red sweater or blazer with School emblem Std. I onwards Light brown sweater and tweet blazer

2. For boys, trousers must be according to the School pattern. Boys are not allowed to wear coloured vests. No fashionable haircut is permitted.

3. Girls having shoulder length hair should tie two plaits and others a black hair-band. No fashionable haircut is permitted. No fancy earrings, bangles or finger rings are permitted

4. Growing nails and using nail polish is forbidden.

5. Girls are not allowed to put mehandi on their palms / hands irrespective of any occasion or festival.